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AKA THE NUTSHELL, VOLUME 3. After my Mom suddenly died 55 yrs young, I journalled every morning over coffee. When I filled a complete notebook,it represented my life in a Nutshell, which felt "Nuts" at the time. Writing is an armor against what is bothering you, a "shell" of sorts. So I enteratined myself by flipping that journal over and writing "the Nutshell" on the front...I found it so clever I named the second notebook I filled "The Nutshell, Volume 2". Sometimes you feel like a Nut...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Your health IS your wealth

Friday, August 31, 2007


One of our trainers graciously put this together for us while we wait for our website design to be completed and despite the world’s worst picture of me-- I love it so much I wanted to share it anyway!! We love what we do and we just want to show it off!!!

More pictures coming daily…

Thanks, Julie, Kris, and Melissa

Thanks ladies! I was excited to see your comments, thanks for stopping by.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Scary Post

This is a scary post for many reasons. 1. I should be cleaning the middle bedroom out for dad and chandler to sleep in tonight and I am procrastinating, 2. I've embarked on a quite a new perspective this week, and 3, I've had 2 cups of starbucks full caff coffee. Oh, and 4. I have no goal for this post. SCARY.

So I am where I am.

Business is good, I have very good feelings about it and some cool plans for my team next week. Our first month was great. I measure our success based on our 3 objectives as a team--Number one, we are changing lives through fitness. That has always been my goal. Number 2, we did make some money...well, let me reword that: We cleared all operating expenses our first month. And three, we are having fun. It is getting more fun each week, but this one we could work on. The last 2 weeks we've has some awesome energy in there. Two clients came to me and used those exact words, and said it was a very positive place to be. That is a dream come true for me. I also have 2 trainers who are dying to join our team and they are qualified, we just need to discuss them at our meeting next week. It is shaping up to be exactly how I dreamed it would be. Long way to go but I see it unfolding.

Life is good, we are totally extended financially with my income and our savings having been invested in the gym and I have lots of debt now (I was debt free before) but I just look at it like assets. The fact that it is not conusmption debt, rather investment in actual things makes it an asset in my mind so I fret less. The balance in the check book makes me nuts tho, I like lots of cushion and its a concrete floor at the moment.

Ellen is perfect, communicative, growing, thriving, adorable, etc.

Mike is the same. He is a great help mate, husband, and all the things I ever wanted. I adore him more every day...

And then that leaves fitness. So I lost my mojo and I was fine with it. It is nice when you quit working against yourself and just admit...hey, I am doing what I am willing to do, so it makes sense to just accept the result. You get what you give. The problem is that has resulted in some lost fitness and a weight gain and I miss my old body. So I am so bored with the whole rally the troops! yawn. make a plan! did somebody say something? commit and set daily goals to reach the ultimate goal! snore. I do it all day long, I've dont it a million times for myself. So I kept thinking what direction could I go? What would make me really takes these steps I am so bored with so I could actually not be on a weight loss journey for a minute??!! So I got frustrated with Mike, he did it for 3 days for aboubt 2 weeks and it was great, the accountability meant something to me, I've asked a friend and considered asking one of the guys at work, and then it dawned on me. Hey, nobody can do this for you but you. So back to you, hey, you get what you give and you do exactly what you are willing to do. We all do. So then I finally put in the Joyce Meyer CD that LeAnn loaned me about confident women. And it was all about how if you are doing something and it sees like you just 'can't' then maybe you are not ready yet. You will be enabled to do what it is you seek when you are ready. The struggle you are currently in serves you or someone else somehow, so work on your strengths and do your best and rest assured that when you are ready, the other things will come.Now THAT is some food for thought. Then right after that, there is a big old part about how if you are trying to accomplish somethng to impress others then you are doomed. And that hit home. I just did a big exercise with one of my clients about how every one of her reasons for doing this was rooted in what others thought and how others percieved her. She has to do it for her or it ain't getting done. I locked her in my office after her workout and made her write an essay instead of do her cardio. So that is a common theme and I am heeding the message. That reminded me to do this for me, stop fretting and just realize I can do it and I will. It's serving it's purpose. I relate and help my clients on a different level (so they tell me) and its all rooted in my ability to relate to them from having this ongoing struggle. It is so simple, when I REEEAAALLLLLY want it for me, I will do it. No struggling, no whining. I'll just do it. It just boils down to wanting it for yourself badly enough.

I kind of started finding my mojo again, Mike and I did a "duathlon" yesterday where we biked 5 miles including this quarter mile hill from hell and then ran 2 and half in a ravine that is either going up or coming down... Needless to say i slept good last night and it felt so good to have a good hard workout under my belt.

OK, middle bedroom is calling. I better hustle.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Knock on Wood

Here are some updated pics of Revolution and one of Ellen.

I have just completed everythng on my list. FOR THE WEEK. I feel like I just moved to a forgeign country. And I like it here!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Coming Along

Friday, June 15, 2007

I am so not retired anymore!!!!!

Retarded maybe, but not retired.

I am about the be the owner of a real live personal training studio (for lack of a better term). And stay at home Mom. Lucky Ellen. We should open July 1. It will not be pretty but I am doing it.

Here is a shot of the front and one of my currently very favorite people, Ed. he is the lead trainer and my co-conspirator, partner in crime, etc. without him, I would have never kept going. Great supporter and motivator. Then below is what it looked like bwfore I started with it.

Smith Cousin's Night at the Smiths

My Grandma can beat up yur grandma~!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Anyone have a preference?